Our Core Values support our Mission:
SAFETY: Safety is the bedrock for which this work is done. We believe slower, smaller steps are always better. Our aim is to stretch you, without stressing you. We go at your pace, always.
CHOICE: Agency and choice is foundational to any trauma informed work. You are the expert in your own life, it's our job to support you in those choices.
CONTEXT: Much of our work will be supported by psychoeducation, giving you greater context into what's happening inside of you, because of what happened to you.
COMPASSION: When we have the context that our emotions, thoughts & behaviors make complete sense, based on our need to self-protect, we're able to replace our old shame-narratives, with compassion.
CONNECTION: Trauma often disconnects us from ourselves, others & the world. Our job is to hold a regulated space for you to safely explore connection again.
SOLUTION-FOCUSED: We help you build up your strengths, healthy beliefs, and positive coping strategies rather than just extinguishing “negative” behaviors and beliefs.
PRESENT-ORIENTED: Our work is anchored in the present, not the past--as we can only change & control the present. We'll focus on today and how past trauma is still affecting you.
INCLUSIONWe are an inclusive community that values its diversity of humans from all walks of faith, ethnicity, age (our members range from 19-60+), gender and sexuality.

 I created The Healing Hub to be a safe space for survivors to learn, heal and be in community.



According to science, you're not broken, & you don't need fixing. In fact: you're right where you're supposed to be. What you call self-sabotage, science calls self-protection

These are the pillars of the Healing Hub, the resources & insights that inform our practice.

Survival Mode
At some point, we experienced pain or a break in emotional, psychological or physical safety. In response, our Nervous System came to our defense in the form of fight/flight/freeze/shut down. This is our beautiful self-protective circuit operating how it's supposed to.

The problems arise when we fail to find internal or external safety following the experience, and a dysregulated Nervous System takes over. That armor that once protected us starts to hinder our behaviors, thoughts and emotions, as our brain and body perceive anything similar as a threat IE intimacy, being seen or heard, authority figures, etc.
Bottom-Up Beings
Do you ever wonder why you can't talk yourself into calmness? The answer: your body's in the drivers seat, not your brain. Over 80% of the messages coursing through us is from Body-to-Brain. Moreso, when Survival Mode is activated, our "thinking/cognitive brain" goes offline and the Survival Operating System takes over.
Trauma is a Somatic Experience meaning it's experienced, stored and relived in and through our bodies in the form of sensations, behaviors and feelings. So, "change your thoughts, change your life," isn't enough. Healing requires us to first SHOW, not tell, our Operating System that we are safe.

Are you still surviving, or thriving?

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Healing is not one-size-fits-all.

The complexity of trauma requires a collaborative approach amongst multiple modalities. Scroll through my areas of expertise below. 


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